Congratulations on deciding to take the next step in your skydiving future!!  

Welcome to  We will walk you through all the steps in order for you to pursue and acheive your next skydiving GOAL.

We pride ourselves in being a professional and experienced Skydiving Instructors and Examiners.  Skydive Perris is our home dropzone but we enjoy traveling and working in beautiful and fun new places, within the United States and Internationally.  

Tandem Instructor Course 

AFF Instructor Course

Coach Course
Canopy School
This is a United States Parachute Association Coach Rating Course.  Candidates must have at least 100 jumps and a B License.  Coaches can teach general portions of the First Jump Course, train and supervise student in group freefall skills.
Elite Canopy Dynamics is a Canopy School based out of Skydive Perris which offers coaching for all levels.  
They offer B License Canopy Courses and Water Training, as well as advanced courses for high performance hook turns and swooping.

An Accelerated Free Fall Instructor is the most advanced skydiving instructor rating.  Students are dependent on their AFF instructor while gaining control and altitude awareness while in free fall.  

The Tandem Instructor Course will include both USPA and UPT requirements for new instructors as well as instructors looking to get recurrent or instructors looking to crossover to USPA or UPT. ​​​​​​
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